Gum Contouring with Precise Laser Technology Can Enhance Your Smile

Excessive gum tissue can cause you to have a small, uneven smile that you may not feel confident about. If you want a bigger smile that shows off more of your teeth, consider gum contouring at our Houston, TX, practice. Dr. Jon Marc Van Slate can reshape gums to reveal more of your teeth. If needed, he can also correct and sculpt your uneven gums. Dr. Van Slate proudly uses the latest technology, including soft tissue lasers for quicker, more comfortable treatment.

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Are You a Candidate?

You may be a candidate for gum contouring if you have a “gummy smile,” caused by excess soft tissue. The tissue can extend too far down on your teeth, making them look worn or disproportionately small. Gum reshaping may also be appropriate if you have a ragged gum line because uneven soft tissues can make your teeth appear crooked or misshapen. This simple cosmetic procedure can significantly enhance your appearance.

To qualify for gum contouring, you should have good periodontal health. If you are suffering from gum disease, Dr. Van Slate will recommend appropriate periodontal treatment be completed first. He may recommend procedures such as scaling and root planing with gentle laser therapy. Once your oral health is restored, you may qualify for gum contouring.

How Lasers Improve Treatment

Dr. Van Slate is proud to use advanced laser technology during gum contouring procedures. With these tools, your gum treatment will be incredibly precise. It will also involve minimal discomfort, virtually no bleeding, and a very short recovery time. In addition, the lasers seal off gum tissues as they work, significantly limiting any chance of infection. 

The Contouring Procedure

Before undergoing gum contouring, you will have a consultation with Dr. Van Slate. You will be able to discuss your goals for the procedure, and he will create a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Van Slate will determine exactly how much tissue to remove, and he will explain what results you can expect after your gum lift.

Many patients choose to combine gum lifts with other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Van Slate will explain your other options and help you determine if they might be appropriate for you.

With a gum lift, Dr. Van Slate can reveal more of your teeth, making smaller teeth appear larger and increasing the overall impact of your smile.

When you are ready to begin treatment, we will administer local anesthesia. This process is typically quick, and painless because of our advanced technology. Once you are numb, Dr. Van Slate will use our soft tissue laser to remove excess gum tissue. He will work with great precision, trimming off the smallest amount of tissue possible while still providing aesthetic results. 

The Benefits of Gum Contouring

Though gum contouring is a conservative cosmetic treatment, it can provide impressive results for your smile. Through this treatment, Dr. Van Slate can reveal more of your teeth, making smaller teeth appear larger and increasing the overall impact of your smile. The procedure can also provide a more even framework for your smile, evening crooked gum lines that make teeth appear misshapen or misaligned. In turn, you may feel far more confident than you have in years, and you will be ready to share your smile with others.

Improve Your Smile

Gum contouring can quickly and easily provide significant improvement to a gummy, uneven smile. Contact our office today to find out if this treatment is right for you.

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