Cone Beam Imaging Offers Sharp 3-D Images for Accurate Treatment Planning

Dr. Jon Marc Van Slate is committed to keeping up with the latest developments in dentistry through continuing education in order to provide superior care for his patients. Dr. Van Slate prides himself on providing the most cutting-edge technology for his patients. For this reason, he proudly offers cone beam imaging at his Houston, TX, practice. Cone beam tomography is a computerized x-ray system used to create 3-D scans. Capturing the entire craniofacial structure, these images are invaluable for diagnoses and treatment planning. In particular, Dr. Van Slate uses cone beam scans to design precise, customized dental implant surgery with minimized risks.

A woman stands in a cone beam imaging machine
Cone beam imaging is similar to x-rays, but safer and more accurate. 

What Is Cone Beam Imaging?

Cone beam scanners and traditional x-rays operate similarly. The cone beam machine will rotate around your head. As it moves, it will emit cone-shaped beams of light, capturing a panoramic view of your teeth, jaw, and the lower portion of your skull. As the light passes through your body, it will gather images of your teeth, gums, nerves, and other soft tissues. Dr. Van Slate can then use these images to gain a comprehensive, 3-D view of your maxillofacial structure.

How Is Cone Beam Imaging Used?

Dr. Van Slate employs cone beam imaging for many different functions. The scans are very useful in diagnostics. With these sharp images, he can easily detect impacted wisdom teeth, jawbone recession, and abnormal growths. Computerized tomography (CT) scans can sometimes help him to diagnose TMJ disorder since the images can reveal inflammation in the soft tissues around the jaw.

Cone beam images are perhaps most useful in treatment planning. With these pictures, Dr. Van Slate can develop a safe and accurate implant surgery.

Cone beam images are perhaps most useful in treatment planning. With these pictures, Dr. Van Slate can develop a safe and accurate implant surgery. After finding areas of jaw recession, he can determine the most secure places for implants, and he can lessen the impact to the rest of your jaw. With his oversight and treatment planning, he can perform an easy, low-risk procedure. Often, Dr. Van Slate’s meticulous preparation can eliminate the need for bone grafting.

What Are the Benefits of Cone Beam Imaging?

There are a number of reasons that we utilize cone beam imaging at our practice. Cone beam images are:

  • Accurate: Digital cone beam images are much sharper than x-rays on standard film. Additionally, they are three-dimensional, so Dr. Van Slate can analyze your oral structure from all angles. Because his treatment plans will be so specific, he can create very few incisions, allowing you to enjoy a speedy recovery. 
  • Safe: While you will still need to wear a lead apron during the scans, cone beam imaging uses far less radiation than traditional x-rays. 
  • Efficient: This imaging system operates much more quickly than older x-rays. In most cases, the process will take just a few minutes.
  • Computerized: Your digital images will upload directly to our office computer. Therefore, Dr. Van Slate can easily archive them and quickly find them to review in the future. He can also send them to a specialist, ensuring consistent, high-level care.

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Advanced Technology

Dr. Van Slate is highly trained in the latest dental technology and uses it to benefit his patients. To learn more about how cone beam imaging can benefit you in treatment planning, call our office at (713) 783-1993 or contact us online and schedule your consultation.

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