Cosmetic Dentistry Houston

May 2

Dr. Jon Marc Van Slate offers a variety of treatments for chipped teeth. Find out which treatments are right for you.

Jan 31
Tooth gaps can cause a number of dental health issues as well cosmetic problems. Let's consider various treatment options for this spacing problem.
Sep 2

Tooth-colored filling treatment benefits those with untreated cavities and old metal fillings. Are tooth-colored fillings right for you?

May 31

Ideal candidates for smile makeovers include patients that wish to enhance the appearance of smile, and whose teeth and gums are in good health.

Apr 30

Laser gum contouring can safely and effectively help patients with “gummy” smiles achieve beautifully proportional teeth.

Mar 31

Dental bonding candidates can enjoy a beautiful, brilliant smile with treatment from Dr. Van Slate.

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