Cosmetic Dentistry Houston

May 2

Dr. Jon Marc Van Slate offers a variety of treatments for chipped teeth. Find out which treatments are right for you.

Apr 3

Chronic teeth grinding, a condition known as bruxism, can cause oral and facial discomfort, and result in serious dental damage.

Mar 3

Dr. Jon Marc Van Slate offers treatments to restore fractured teeth. Find out which treatment for tooth fractures is right for you.

Jan 31
Tooth gaps can cause a number of dental health issues as well cosmetic problems. Let's consider various treatment options for this spacing problem.
Dec 30
Tagged with: General Dentistry
There are different kinds of bad habits that can negatively impact your teeth, gums, and jaw joint. Let's figure out what you should avoid.
Nov 29

Having a dry mouth can be annoying and uncomfortable - but did you know that it can also cause serious dental damage if left untreated?

Oct 29

There are different treatments for cavities and advanced tooth decay, including dental fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns.

Sep 30

Mouth Guard Candidates - Sports Dentistry, TMJ Disorders, Teeth Grinding

Sep 2

Tooth-colored filling treatment benefits those with untreated cavities and old metal fillings. Are tooth-colored fillings right for you?

Jul 30

Root planing and scaling can stop gum disease in its tracks. Find out if root planing and scaling treatment is right for you.

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